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This is it guys, its starting. Walking around campus today with one of my new friends really made it sink in for me - I saw the undergrads lining up in the bus pass line, and I just felt…. Different. Old. Out of place, while also being right at home. It was sort of like 4th year when I started to realize that my time at Western was coming to an end (or so I thought), and I was starting to notice that undergrad is a finite four years and the world keeps on keeping on even after we leave. Except this time, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be - not out of place in the least - but I’m like a visitor, lost in my old stomping grounds.  Everyone I used to know, everyone I used to see around - gone. Everyone on campus, even the people in positions of relatively great authority - they’re all younger than me now.  I feel like I’m watching a replay of my undergrad, but through a window and with other people playing the characters.

Instead, I’m dropped into a world within my world. The campus looks the same, but it’s not. I’m transplanted into a world with 175 people who are just like me. But actually though - it’s a little bit scary. And we’re all supposed to just… run with it. Like we’re all getting to know each other and making friends, and it’s fantastic and they’re all honestly super amazing people who I am so happy to have the opportunity to know. But it feels like I’m playing a role, or that I’m dreaming - like I’m going to wake up tomorrow and be back in my undergrad with all of those friends, and this will just have been a figment of my imagination. How often, really, does someone start a drastically new experience within a place where she’s spent the most important and most recent four years of her life? It’s surprisingly easy to separate that degree from this one, and yet every now and again there are flashes of remembrance, where I’ll see someone I recognize from last year and it totally throws me off. Sometimes I even forget that I’m still at Western; it truly feels like I’m at an entirely new school - right up until I buy a Spoke coffee and all seems well in the world again.

It’s just strange. And exciting. And thrilling. And I’m sure it’ll be stressful. But I feel like I’ve truly won the lottery - I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing, and the exact right time of my life. I cannot wait to get started.

I’m truly “Forever a Mustang” - and couldn’t be more proud.


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"The idea that Taylor Swift is teaching her preteen fans to focus their lives only on chasing boys is completely false. She is actually a fantastic example of a strong, professionally-independent woman: she writes all her own songs, she’s smart, she’s creative, and she is completely unashamed to be who she is. We need to remember that being girly or wanting to find romantic love does not make a young woman weak or somehow inferior."

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